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Cabrio Cable Car in Swiss Alps. World’s first Double-Decker rope-way system.

The breathtaking view of Swiss Alps attracts people from across the globe for sheer natural scenic spectacle that is unmatchable. So what better to have bird’s eye of the seamless Alps and cherish those moments for the rest of your life. Keeping in mind this very aspect a new kind of open-air cable car ride has been developed for the not so faint hearted adventure seeking people who like to feel the wind in their hair at breath-taking heights. And for those who like to be in the confined safety of glass walls a lower deck is also there so that you can enjoy the very same mind-boggling sight of nature.

Launched just a day ago this double-deck open-topped cable car is operating on the 1900 meter Stanserhorn near Lucerne, Switzerland which offers some of the best views of the Alpine range with cool mountain wind straight in your face. Cabrio Cable Car is one of the most innovative Swiss engineering project and is world’s first open deck aerial cabin cableway technology. The top deck can accommodate about 30 people in one go whereas the safer glazed deck below has capacity for at most 60 people.

Credit by : http://www.damngeeky.com/2012/06/29/2633/cabiro-cable-car-in-swiss-alps-is-worlds-first-double-decker-ropeway-system.html
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