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Pink Sand Beach, Bermuda

So which one do you choose from the 34 fabulous beaches of Bermuda? All of them are so unique and beautiful in their own rights! Over the last many years, We have spent long hours at each one of those wonderful Bermuda beaches.  
And Bermuda's sand looks pink. Is that true? Yes! So why do the Bermuda beaches have pink sand? Red tiny organisms grow under coral reefs and die on the ocean floor. These along with bits of corals and shells get washed up to the shore, get mixed with sands and create a pink hue. And that makes the Bermuda sand look pink in color, well almost ;-) 
Some of the Bermuda beaches have long expanses, while some are just tiny coves that are separated from one another by rocky cliffs. Some of these beaches are surrounded by coral reefs. The reefs are generally visible above the water surface particularly during low tide. You can also clearly see them at times when you are snorkeling. 
While there are some private beaches owned by hotels, most of the Bermuda beaches are public family beaches. The public beaches in Bermuda are open from dawn to sunset. 
You can not camp on the beaches or stay at night. But in many occasions we could swim even from private beaches although we didn’t reserve rooms in the hotels. If you eat at their restaurants, they allow you to use their private beaches. 
Bermuda Beach
Okay, enough of chatter. Let’s get down to choosing the best Bermuda beaches. Let me start with Our Top 5 most favorite beaches of Bermuda. 
Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda: This stunningly beautiful beach in Bermuda is a curved stretch of pink sand in Southampton parish. This beach has been consistently ranked within the top beaches of the world by various international magazines. 
Tobacco Bay Beach Bermuda: Located at St George parish, this beach is great for snorkeling and you get fascinating view of the colorful marine life along with corals. 
Warwick Long Bay Beach Bermuda: This wonderful & secluded beach is half a mile long stretch of pink Bermuda sands and dunes. As the name suggests, it's located at the Warwick parish and is a great place for snorkeling. 
Elbow Beach Bermuda: This beautiful beach has a gentle curve resembling an elbow. It's located at Paget parish and very close to City of Hamilton. You can see reefs close to the shore and the beach is great for snorkeling. 
Jobson's Cove: This is a small wonderful &  secluded beach surrounded by steep cliffs. Jobson's cove is located at Warwick parish. 
Those were the absolute Top Five in our favorite list of Bermuda beaches. 
However, there are several other beaches in the island that are simply as beautiful and come quite close to the top of our list of favorites. In fact, some of them can easily become part of your days agenda depending on the parish you plan to visit. 

Credit by : http://www.bermuda-attractions.com/bermuda_000003.htm
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