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Kingdon of Shambhala – Tibet

The kingdom of Shambhala hides somewhere bottomless within the snow-stained mountains of the Himalayas in innerAsia. A progressive, peaceful ‘Pure Land’ of Buddhist wisdom, it can be reached only by individuals who have pained up the suitable karma. Travelers in the past century have set out to find Shambhala in Tibet, which is also where James Hilton located it in his novel Lost Horizon (under the name of Shangri-la). Since no one has yet revealed the kingdom, perhaps the next best thing is the town of Zhongdian on the China–Tibet border. It was renamed Shangri-la in 2001, appealing to be the place’s inspiration.

Kingdom of Shambhala 750x562
Shambhala House 750x247
Shambhala Kingdom Tibet 750x500
Shambhala Resorts
Shambhala Roof
Shambhala Tibet

Credit by : http://www.worldfortravel.com/2012/07/22/kingdom-of-shambhala-tibet/
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