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Shiraito Falls, Fujinomiya, Japan

Next comes “Shiraito Falls” ! Because I really love the place, I’ve visited there many times. It’s one of the “Best 100 waterfalls in Japan” and also designated as a national natural treasure. “Shiraito” literally means “White Threads” and, as the name tells, hundreds of white thread-like streams fall down spreading nearly 200m. Most of the water comes from Mt. Fuji. Snow-melt water goes through the ground and spring up in various spots. Stand right in front of the water, and you will see how cool the air is even in mid-summer with cold water and negative ions. Shiraito Falls is not only for its spectacular scenery to me. I have my own pleasure there. The golden trout ! Take a look into the crystal-clear water and you will find him shining gold right over there.^^v

On your way to Shiraito Falls, you will walk through the shopping-street-like pathway. Not to mention shopping, you can also enjoy coffee, whippy ice-cream and light meals.

Now, listen carefully. Hear the thunderous roar ? Follow it then, and you will find “Otodome Falls”. “Otodome” literally means “to stop sounds”. Here is a history. Once upon a time, 2 samurai warriors were having a private consultation about avenging their father near the waterfall but they could not hear each other due to the roar of water. Then one of them mourned. “Waterfall of heartless and mindless spirit, you never know our torture, do you”. Then, It’s said that the sound stopped in due course. Now, which one do you like better, Shiraito the decent waterfall, or Otodome the vigorous one ?^^
I dare to take this opportunity to introduce one more waterfall in Fujinomiya. “Jimba Falls”, where Minamoto Yoritomo who started the Shogunate in Kamakura in 1192 and his men placed their headquarters in hunting around Mt. Fuji. Just like Shiraito Falls, Snow-melt water comes out from Mt. Fuji and also you will feel very cool around the water. The hiking trail is available from Lake Tanuki. 
Why don’t you try ? ^^

Shiraito Falls & Otodome Falls
Access from JR Fujinomiya Sta. → About 30 mins by #2 bus for “Shiraito-no Taki”
Admission:Free ※Open 7 days a week
Jimba Falls
Access from JR Fujinomiya Sta. → About 40 mins by bus for “Inogashira” to the bus stop “Onshoji Hostel iriguchi” and five minute walk
Admission:Free ※Open 7 days a week

Credit by : http://www.shizuoka-guide.com/blog-trip/index.php?ID=184
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