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The Beartooth Highway, Montana, US

Beartooth Highway - Montana

Length: 30.0 mi / 48.3 km
Time to Allow: One hour to drive or 1.5 hours to enjoy the Montana part of the Byway.
The Beartooth Highway in Montana is one of the most spectacular alpine highways in North America. It offers sweeping vistas of snow-covered mountains, unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities, unparalleled wildlife watching, and panoramic views of hundreds of high alpine lakes.
Providing visitors access to Yellowstone Park's northeast entrance, the Beartooth Highway makes its way across the rugged Beartooth Mountain Range in Montana and Wyoming. The road is the highest elevation highway in the Northern Rockies and provides dramatic views, unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities, and unparalleled wildlife watching.

Credit by: http://byways.org/explore/byways/2134
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