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The Beautiful Harbour of Mykonos, Greece

Language and Currency
The official language of Greece is Greek, but some English is spoken in the tourist areas. Greece has accepted the euro as its formal currency; however, you may still see some Greek drachma being traded. US dollars are accepted in the tourist areas.

What is Mykonos like?
Mykonos Courtyard in Hora

Mykonos lies in the center of the Cyclades Islands (Circle Islands that surround Delos) in the Aegean Sea. This 85 sq. km island boasts 80 km of shoreline and harbors some of the most magnificent beaches in the Aegean. Pelican mascots greet passengers at the pier.

A Typical Mykonos Street
A scenic harbor, labyrinth of narrow streets, whitewashed steps and cube houses with blue doors, rooftops and shutters that rise up the hillside to a myriad of white windmills is breathtaking. Springtime brings an array of colorful flowers displayed in flower boxes adding a festive air to an already sublime setting.

The Landmark Mykonos Windmills

This picturesque isle is the backdrop for one of the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated islands in the Aegean. What was once the playground of the “jet-setters”, a colorful nightlife and non-stop music and revelry on the beaches have made Mykonos the ultimate “summer party destination”. In fact, if possible, avoid the summer months of July and August, as overcrowding is an understatement. The most ideal months to visit Mykonos are in May and September.
What is the weather like?
Summer in the Greek Isles is hot and dry. Daytime temperatures average between 85° - 95°F and can reach above 100° (usually in July). These warm temperatures are usually tempered however, by cooling, prevailing north winds. Winter months are mild with temperatures averaging between 55° and 60°F.
Where does the ship dock?

Mykonos Shoreline and Port (Taken From the Windmills)
Cruise ships dock at the relatively new cruise port at Tourlos, about 1.2 miles north of Hora (Mykonos Town). Shuttle bus service is provided into town. If you wish to engage a taxi you will need to go to Taxi Square, located on the central square of the Mykonos Waterfront.
Where is the shopping?

Mykonos Shopping
You will find quality shopping all along the maze of tiny streets in Hora.
What is there to buy?
Mykonos is home to a large artist’s colony, so there are a number of fine galleries offering excellent original works. Gold jewelry is prolific, as is gift and souvenir shops.
What is there to do?
Mykonos Street Scene
A walk through the maze of streets, laid out to confuse pirates in earlier centuries, exploring Hora (Mykonos Town) is an adventure in itself.

The Outdoor Restaurants in Mykonos Harbor
Do spend time at one of Mykonos Harbor's quaint outdoor restaurants. You can simply enjoy the day going by with a cup of coffee, or dine on fresh fish.

Mykonos Pink Pelicans
Keep an eye out for Mykonos' fabulous pink pelicans. These birds are a real treat to see and watch.
Mykonos Harbor
After shopping and poking into the numerous art galleries, grab a taxi from Taxi Square (or take one of the public busses) and head for a beach.

Platis Gialos Beach, Mykonos, Greece

I have a particular fondness for Platis Gialos. (By the way – it is one of the few beaches on the island that doesn’t include a nudist area). However, if you wish to be immersed in the pure hedonism on which Mykonos has built an international reputation, head for Paradise Beach or Super Paradise Beach. You can access both of these beaches from Platis Gialos, either by footpaths, or caique (boats). Paradise has numerous bars along the beach and is the original nude beach. Super Paradise is just around the headland from Paradise. The left side of the beach is known as “party central”, while the right side is mostly nude and gay. The exclusive Coco Club is located here. Now, if the beach scene does not appeal, then your best bet is to take an excursion to Delos. Located 1.9 miles from Mykonos, both guided and unguided trips can be taken by way of a 40 minute ferry ride. This temple city, once known as the spiritual center of Cyclades and the holiest sanctuary is home to the Sacred Way, which leads to the Sanctuary of Apollo, an agora, and the “not to be missed” Avenue of the Lions, that guard the Sacred Lake.
Is there anything of “Don’t Miss” quality?
I am going to make 2 different suggestions for what I consider “don’t miss” experiences while in Mykonos. If you are a beach person, like me, “don’t miss” the opportunity to experience the Mykonos beach scene. If, on the other hand, you are more interested in history and archeology, then opt for an excursion to Delos.
Are there any great restaurants or bars?
Yes, I can highly recommend the Gallup Restaurant & Bar at Platis Gialos. On my last visit, not only was the shrimp excellent, but the owners went out of their way to make sure we were happy and provided exceptional service. An added bonus of this establishment is its reasonable pricing. As drink prices on the island can exceed those that you find in New York City, this is a great place to try a glass of ouzo (the national drink).

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