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Toulouse, in France

Steeped in history, yet hip and lively, the enchanting Toulouse is one of France's most beautiful cities. The food here and in the rest of the Midi Pyrenees region, for which Toulouse serves as capital, could be among France's most memorable. The shopping options are vast.
The city's Capitole building, with the typical pink stone of Toulouse's buildings, and the capital square serve as a hub of activity. Shops and cafés line the perimeter, and a massive market is held in the courtyard. Toulouse is France's fourth-largest city, and has been voted the best place to live in France.
Some of France's best cities and attractions are mere minutes or a couple hours from Toulouse, blessed with a wonderful central location. Toulouse is close to both the Mediterrannean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Pyrenees, and Spain and Andorra, are nearby.

Getting There

Toulouse is served by Aéroport Toulouse Blagnac. You won't find a direct flight to Toulouse from the States. There are many European airlines, such as Air France, British Airways and Lufthansa, that serve Toulouse and simply stopover in their home countries.
  • You can also fly into another major European city, like Paris, and take the train to Toulouse.
    Getting Around
  • Toulouse and the surrounding area are well served by its public Metro transportation system. It can be used to reach or get close to anything in the city. Toulouse is also an ideal city for walking and general wandering on foot.

    Top Toulouse Attractions

  • The Capitole, without a doubt, is the city's main attraction. The impressive architecture is marked by its pink facade and numerous elegant columns.
  • La Cathédrale Saint-Etienne is a unique display, with a mix of styles spanning five centuries.
  • In homage to Toulouse's position as a major aerospace center in Europe, La Cité de l'Espace is a must-visit for any science, air or space fanatic.
  • You can truly discover the wonders of the city by river instead of land with a Parisian-style tourist boats of Toulouse Croisières, which wind a path along the Garonne River.

  • Daytrips from Toulouse

    The daytrip options from Toulouse are immense, and every option is truly worth a visit. This is a mere sampling:
  • Bordeaux, a thriving city filled with shops, amazing historic attractions and nestled in the heart of wine country. It's about two hours away by train.
  • Carcassonne features an entire city that is a castle, in La Cite, the Medieval fortified upper city. It's about 45 minutes away by train.
  • Montsegur, which has almost a cult following, attracting Cathar history enthusiasts, hikers and lovers of charming small French villages. There is no train station in Montsegur, but you can rent a car and drive there in about 1.5 hours.

  • Booking options and rate comparisons

  • Location, location, location. The Crowne Plaza truly has it with its prestigious Place du Capitole address. This fine hotel was just renovated in 2005, and it features great amenities like high-speed Internet access. The hotel is quite reasonably priced considering the amenities and location. 
  • The ultimate place to stay in Toulouse has to be the Grand Hotel de l'Opéra. The hotel, a converted 17th-century convent, rooms that are amazing and a wonderful restaurant. Best of all, the adress is 1, Place du Capitole. 

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