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Wind Cathedral, Namibia

Amazing and beautiful photo! The image above was uploaded on the internet by photographer Paul Godard back in 2005, and it spreads like a wildfire on the internet, but we noticed something and we can’t help but to think of some image manipulation made by the photographer.
This photo is intriguing in so many levels; first, we thought dunes cannot form in such towering height as seen on the photo, second, the un-proportioned and tilted shape of the trees on the left corner of the photo. If this type of sand dunes exists in part of Sossusvlei in Namib Desert, it’s 101% percent awesome, but for us the image might be look like this..
With some stretching, that photo now looks so real! We cannot confirm if the first photo is real or fake, it’s for you to decide. But it’s still so beautiful!

Credit by : http://www.myamazingearth.com/2012/12/wind-cathedral-namibia/
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  1. As a Namibian I can vouch that the photo is fake. An effect that can be achieved in paint. Still looks awesome though!