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Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Easily the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa rises over 2,716.5 feet and 160 stories in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Among its other world records are highest outdoor observation deck, most number of stories, tallest free-standing structure and tallest service elevator. This impressive list of achievements has turned the building into one of the kingdom's top tourist attractions.
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The Dubai Mall at the bottom of the Burj Khalifa features free shuttles from major hotels, so check with your concierge. Otherwise, you can reach the building via bus 27, or the Metro Line, getting off at the Burj Khalifa Station. Private cars can park at one of 14,000 covered spaces. Tickets are available online and at the ticket counter. The cheapest ones are the timed tickets, which allow entry at a specific date and time. If you're in a hurry, an immediate entry ticket is available only at the ticket booth and costs four times the standard admission.


You'll go through two security checks: one for security checks and another for electronic items. Think airport security when deciding what you can bring. Prohibited items include aerosol cans, knives, firearms and ammunition, chemical weapons such as mace or pepper spray, and multi-tools. More unusual constraints include skate shoes and wheeled footwear, magic markers and spray paint, and glass bottles. A check room requires you to store shopping bags and strollers. The whole building is wheelchair accessible. Service animals are allowed but pets may not enter.

At the Top

Your visit starts with a multimedia presentation explaining the history of Dubai and the construction of the Burj. You then continue through a "travelator" before boarding an elevator that ascends at more than 30 meters per second -- you can unblock the pressure in your ears by swallowing. You get off at the 124th floor observation deck. If you go just before sunset, you'll be able to see the city beneath light up. A typical trip lasts about an hour, although you can stay as long as you want. You can enjoy the view through floor-to-ceiling windows or step out onto the outdoor terrace.


As the shopping capital of the Middle East, Dubai offers two souvenir shops at the Burj Dubai. One is on the Observation Deck, accessible to ticket holders only, while the other is in the Dubai Mall, if you decide you want something after you leave the Burj. You can buy clothes, stuffed animals, Burj Khalifa replicas, jewelry boxes and perfume bottles, among other goodies. Get them while you're there because online purchases are not available.

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