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Meteora, Greece

One of the most amazing places in Greece,if not the world is Meteora. If you have seen pictures of Greece or spend any time looking through travel brochures then you have certainly been impressed by the monasteries perched on top of enormous rocks and have probably wondered how on earth they built them. The rocks themselves are impressive, rising from the plains of Thessaly a few miles northwest of Kalambaka. In fact the producers of James Bond found them so impressive that they had Roger Moore (or his stunt double most likely) climb the stone face of one in the movie For Your Eyes Only. Nowdays these rock faces are climbed by professional and amateurs looking for a challenge and what Paros is to wind-surfers, Meteora is to rock-climbers.
Many of the old Photos I have used come from an out of print book titled simply Greece. The book was published by Hill and Wang in 1961 and is an amazing photographic record of Greece in the fifties. Look for it in your local used bookstore. The cool thing about Meteora is that it does not look any different now than it did when the pictures were taken except for about a million tourists passing through each year. In fact I took the color photos  and made them black and white just so they would fit in and I can't tell the difference. I am even more indebted to this book since this front picture was also used for Is This It  my first 45 released in 1984 -Matt Barrett 

Credit by : http://www.greecetravel.com/meteora/
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