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Redwood Climbers, California

Connecting the North Coast, One Adventure at a TimeRedwood Canopy Tour: Experience Humboldt County’s towering redwoods in a whole new way: from the tree’s vantage point. The majestic redwoods were featured as the cover story in the October 2009 issue of National Geographic magazine, along with a remarkable pull-out photograph of a giant redwood tree from top to bottom. Now you can experience that view up close and personal with North Coast Adventure Centers’ Redwood Canopy Tour. 

NCAC’s naturalists and guides will help you step out of your comfort zone and into the canopy. The tour begins with an orientation where you learn terms and techniques that you and your partner need to safely climb, zip, and transfer from tree to tree in the canopy. From there, the tour moves up… and up… and up, 70 feet into a tree called “Trinidad.” You’ll gain a whole new appreciation for the power and beauty of these ancient trees by climbing, zipping and rappelling from their heights. During your journey into the canopy, your guide will teach you about the canopy ecosystem, the majestic redwood habitat, and the balance between preservation and the timber industry on the North Coast.

The Redwood Canopy Tour takes 2-3 hours and is not for the faint of heart. Adventurers should be in good physical condition and be willing to “hang out” in the canopy of a Redwood forest, 70 feet up. There is also a 30-foot tree climb and zip traverse for junior climbers and clients who choose not to ascend all the way to the top. In 2011, new RAIN Forest Canopy Tours will be offered during the rainy season. 

For more information, call North Coast Adventure Centers 800-808-2836.   


Find out about The Big Rappel + Rock Climbing TOUR: Rappel and Climb on the North Coast's beautiful Boulders and Rocks.   We are a employee-owned Adventure Co-Op in Arcata, CA. One of our goals in to help shape Humboldt as an adventure destination.  
We fulfill this goal through three main areas of focus:Tours: Canopy, The Big Rappel/Rock Climbing, Eco-Tours, Rafting, International Trips, and Kayaking
Training: Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Rock Climbing, Canopy Tour, Ropes Course, Adventure Training, Eco-tour Guide, Swiftwater Rescue, & Mountain Biking
Retreats: Business, School, Non-profit, Portable Rock Wall, Ropes Course, and general team-building programs

Credit by : http://www.redwoods.info/showrecord.asp?id=4228
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